Csound Massage 0.87 is a suite of utilities for generating and manipulating scores for Csound.
It is freeware, copyright © William Eldridge, 2005.

Csound Massage 0.87 is a HyperCard stack, so you will need a Macintosh and HyperCard or HyperCard Player (see below*).


Massage Score
26 operations to process the rhythms and values in a score.
Many can be applied conditionally (IF, AND/OR).

add Markov rhythms
aug./dim. rhythm MIDI->pch
change instrument MIDI->range
convert amp-dB-ratio multiply
convert c#4->pch random pruning
convert + symbol randomize
convert carry symbol replace
convert < symbol replace from list
copy p-field rescale range
count notes start times
delete p-field swap p-fields
insert p-field time sort
Markov replace transpose pch

Repeat Riff
Repeat a score passage while performing add or multiply operations on its p-fields.

Random Notes (from lists)
Generate a score algorithmically with values randomly chosen from weighted lists.

Ramping Notes (1-stage)
Generate a score with values that ramp from the start to the end.

Ramping Notes (2-stage)
Generate a score with values that ramp from the start to the "middle" to the end.

Ramping List
Generate a list of values for use with the "replace from list" operation of the Massage Score module. The ramp can have a linear, exponential or logarithmic shape.

Design breakpoint envelopes for linseg statements and GEN07 functions using a graphical editor.

Screen Keyboard
Compose a score in "8ve.pc" (pch) notation by clicking on an on-screen keyboard. Values for p-fields can be stored in presets for quick recall.

* If you need to download Hypercard Player, try these URLs:

http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/ English-North_American/Macintosh/Utilities/HyperCard/

direct download:

http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/ English-North_American/Macintosh/Utilities/HyperCard/HyperCard_Player_2.4.1.smi.bin