Bugslabber 1.1

Bugslabber is a utility for generating batch scripts which stack "slabs" (sub-stacks) within
Zerene Stacker, a focus-stacking application for macro photography from Zerene Systems.

The application is donationware. If you find it useful, please
make a donation of $5 USD or more to scienceclubforgirls.org.

Bugslabber is copyright © 2015 by Bill Eldridge. All rights reserved.


Bugslabber 1.1 for Mac
Bugslabber 1.1 for Windows
Bugslabber HELP (PDF)

[Caution: until version 1.2 arrives, do not minimize Bugslabber's window and then shut down your computer, at least on Windows -- the Bugslabber window will disappear upon restart requiring the prefs file to be deleted.]



Images by Bill Eldridge:
First stacks with Nikon CFI BE Plan Achromat 10x (at 5x)
More stacks with Nikon CFI BE Plan Achromat 10x (at 5x)
Lemon-faced European hornet

Images by Morten Aagard:
10x horsefly portrait
Beetle portrait


Zerene Slabbing: extreme-macro.co.uk/zerene-slabbing/
Sub-stacks: photomacrography.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15075
Automating Partial stacks in Zerene Stacker: photomacrography.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14680
Search photomacrography.net/forum for "slab" or "sub-stack" (or any topic related to macro photography)

VIDEOS (best viewed full-screen at highest resolution)

Focus-stack of 229 images, animated as a single-pass stack

Focus-stack of 229 images, animated as 26 slabs of 12 images each